Людина та архітектура: 60 рухів за 60 хвилин.

Людина та архітектура: 60 рухів за…

6 липня на території ВДНГ відбулась прем’єра танцювального перформансу &la...

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На ВДНХ в Киеве начались репетиции украинско-американского танцевального перформанса.

На ВДНХ в Киеве начались репетиции…

Мейда Уизерс, профессор Университета Джорджа Вашингтона из США начала подготовку...

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ARTIL відкриває таланти.

ARTIL відкриває таланти.

16-22 квітня у Києві відбувся уже восьмий щорічний фестиваль сучасних танцтеатрі...

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Лаборатория Dancing Through Translation в Киеве

Лаборатория Dancing Through Translation в Киеве

Для участия в 3-дневной лаборатории импровизации и композиции современного танца...

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residency performance

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Sefurity Eggseat 2

International festival of contemporary dance theater Zelyonka Fest represents a performance «Sefurity Eggseat» on August 15, 2015 (beginning at 19:00) at the Centre of Science and Art DIYA (Dovzhenko Film Studios, 44, Peremohy Avenue).


Perforemance «Sefurity Eggseat» will be staged by Spanish choreographer Gemma Peramiquel involving Ukrainian dancers in the traditional summer Residence of Zelyonka Fest. Gemma’s technique is called "the art of movement" and discovers the nature of individual movement and its expression in the group of people.

Sefurity Eggseat 1

Zelyonka Fest organizers decided to cooperate exactly with Gemma  because of the original idea of the performance.  Also, since the performance had already been staged in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, they were interested in analyzing the difference between the Ukrainian and European audience and the work of performers.

Main idea of «Sefurity Eggseat» – is to begin to think of how we move in the space with lots of restrictions and safety standards. Every performance will become a particular experiment involving the choreographer, the dancers, the spectators and the space.  The experiment studies the fears that haunt people in the time of over saved society.  Various means of communication with the audience, such as movement, text, images, objects and sounds are used for making communication  clear for every participant. Non-standard format for the location of the scene and placing the audience reinforces the effect of general participation in the performance.

 Even in the title there is a certain play of imagination and emotional experiences of the audience. The words «security» and «exit» are the key words for understanding of the main messages of the performance. Paraphrase of «exit» - «eggseat» can be taken more than literally: egg trays make a carpet that covers the scene. Here is an understanding and rebirth of the idea of movement through the space and the time, in the danger alleys with precautions.

Sefurity Eggseat 3

Gemma Peramiquel estimates her participation in the Residence as a great evolution for herself, because she is looking for a new direction for her activity through the studying of the problem of relation of globalization and different kinds of mentality, causes and consequences of the movement of people around the world, migration. The format of the performance makes the spectators thinking of these problems too.

Everyone can work on the performance, because the main idea of the Residence is to create good atmosphere for exchanging of experience, ideas and knowledge among the participants in the area of the modern dance. 

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