ARTIL відкриває таланти.

ARTIL відкриває таланти.

16-22 квітня у Києві відбувся уже восьмий щорічний фестиваль сучасних танцтеатрі...

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Лаборатория Dancing Through Translation в Киеве

Лаборатория Dancing Through Translation в Киеве

Для участия в 3-дневной лаборатории импровизации и композиции современного танца...

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Три дні свободи в танці.

Три дні свободи в танці.

25 років Candoco було створено з особливою метою  – довести, що кожен...

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Black O!Range возвращается. Надолго?

Black O!Range возвращается. Надолго?

Команда танцтеатра Black O!Range, известная своими танцевальными спектаклями 200...

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Choreographers of the Residency 2015

First three days of the Residence (31.07 - 2.08) is an open workshop with two choreographers: Gemma Peramiquel (Spain) and Anton Ovchinnikov (Ukraine).

Performance preparation will start on August 3 till August 14. We plan to present it in Kiev on August, 15-16. 

The CV of choreographers:


gemma new



2014             168 hours with David Zambrano with  Flying Low and Passing Through at La Ponderosa. (D)

2009 – 2013  Statens Scenekunstskole. As a Choreographer and Performer . Equivalent to 240 ECTS.(DK)

2006 - 2008   Urdang Academy.(UK)

1994 – 2007   RAD Royal Academy of Dance by Olga Roig, Pilar Martinez and Miss Beckley.(BCN - LON ) 


2015 In collaboration with La Parole Errante – La Maison de l'Arbre, to continue working on Crossing Blooders under the guidance of Armand Gatti for coming projects.


2015 Residency at Fàbrica de Creació l'Estruch. two weeks. Sabadell - Barcelona

2014 Residency at Dance Base; National Center for Dance. one week. Edinburgh 

2014 Amsterdam school of Arts./ SNDO. two months. Amsterdam

2014 Pépinières Européenne pour jeunes artistes / Cité International des Arts. four months.  Paris 


2015 Søwl·lou Dance performance at Fábrica de Creació l'Estruch . Sabadell - Barcelona

2014 Slurch! Dance – performance project  at Amsterdam School of Arts. Amsterdam

2014 Crossing Blooders social – artistic performance project at La Parole Errante . Montreuil - Paris 

2014 Café Teatre – VOILÀ!  Piano – Drums – Guitar & Dance. Improvisation Jam. Barcelona 

2013 Obsessive day dreaming by Ultimat Vässen, dance collective. Presented at This is Not a Festival. Cph

2013 Sefurity Eggseat Performance project, presented at Statens Scenekunstskole. Copenhagen

2013 How it feels to be a 13 year old American boy. Dance work by Chris Yon at Statens Scenekunstskole. Copenhagen 

2013 Mean piece piece. Dance work by Jeremy Nelson at Statens Scenekunstskole. Copenhagen

2013 [K][K] π TAL.Mentored by Mette Edvardsen. Copenhagen

2012 Inner Monster – Fri kontakt In collaboration with Lene Skytt.Presented at Det Kongelige Teater Gammel Scenen. Copenhagen

2012 This is not a Festival In collaboration with film by Jacob Glowoski and Sebastian Kuonen. Copenhagen

2012 Nowrightprecise Mentored by Luis Lara Malvacias. Presented at Bill Young Space. New York

2010 - 2011 Crazy Caws In collaboration with piano, guitar and drums from Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium, performing across the city. Copenhagen 

2010 Hop – Hope  Performed at Folkets hus in collaboration with Peace-watch. Copenhagen 

2008 - 2009 Naïfesnat Cia.Descalces. Barcelona 

2004 - 2006 Stress Art Street Performance . Barcelona


2014 Masterclass with Kitt Johnson . Copenhagen 

2013 Internship with BADco. at Skogen and WE LIVE HERE: ACADEMY . Gothenburg -  Amsterdam

2012 Research with Paula Caspao at Performing Art Forum ( PAF ). St.Erme - France

2012 Internship mentored by Luis Lara Malvacias, performed by Michael Abatiello and Mei Yamanaka. Presented at Bill Young Space in Manhattan - New York 


2008 - 2015 Escola de Ballet Olga Roig ( BCN ) - Auditori Santi Arisa ( BCN ) - Dia Internacional de la Dansa ( BCN ) - Danseballaden ( DK ) - Juniorkompagniet ( DK ) - FMA ( BCN )  - Fràbrica de Creació  l'Estruch ( BCN ) 


anton residency


Kiev National University of Culture and Arts – MA – History of Arts


Kiev National University of Culture and Arts - Contemporary Dance Department

International Festival of Dance Theatres (Lublin, Poland)


Hilary Bryan (USA) – Laban Movement Analysis

Meida Withers (USA) – improvisation

Adrian Clancy (USA) – partnering

Matt Mattox (USA-France) – JAZZ dance

Donald McCayle (USA) – dance composition

Geraldine Armstrong (Granada-France) – Afro

Henrietta Horn (Germany) – improvisation

Eva Lilya (Denmark) – contemporary dance technique

Edivaldo Ernesto (Brazil) – Flying Low and Passing Through

Jasmeen Godder (Israel) – laboratory on composition and improvisation

Choreography & Performances

Black O!Range Dance Theatre: (selected)

2010   I LOVE 


2009  A scent of a man 

2009  Second/Hand 

2009  Gagarin, I Love you… 

2009  SCO!TCH 

2008  Syndrome of parallellizm (together with Artyom Volosov)

M.O.S.T. dance project (together with Anton Safonov)

2015   Vanilla Sugar

2015   The one who is whispering

2014   As I became a Traitor

2014   Believe/Not/Believe

2013   Fly in the Milk 

Alexander Andriyashkin/Anton Ovchinnikov

2014   Being together: simple structures

Hilary Brayan (USA)

2008 Pink slip



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