Три дні свободи в танці.

Три дні свободи в танці.

25 років Candoco було створено з особливою метою  – довести, що кожен...

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Black O!Range возвращается. Надолго?

Black O!Range возвращается. Надолго?

Команда танцтеатра Black O!Range, известная своими танцевальными спектаклями 200...

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Мейда Уизерс (США) начинает проект в Киеве

Мейда Уизерс (США) начинает проект в…

С 16 по 22 декабря в Киев приезжала профессор танца Университета Джорджа Вашингт...

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Перформанс УЗЕЛКИ связал Украину и Исландию

Перформанс УЗЕЛКИ связал Украину и Исландию

с 13 по 27 сентября группа украинских артистов работала в культурном центре исла...

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April 19

The performance of the Lublin Dance Theatre, "The stories we did not tell anyone", Poland

Lublin Dance Theatre is one of the oldest and most popular theatres of contemporary dancing in Poland.. The team succeeded with “The stories we did not tell anyone” in Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

And now they are in Ukraine.

Why  do you need to watch the performance?

Four people are locked in the same space. There are two women and two men. Four different  personalities. The performance draws an emotional picture of the world to the audience. This world seems to be divided into male and female, and maybe a lot more parts. Each person tells his story and tells it in his own way: through words, images, silence, through the body and movements.

Dancing performance SKVO`S dance company, «Substantive discussion", Belarus.

Belarusian team SKVO'S DANCE COMPANY are completely different people: a designer, a doctor,         a geologist, an economist, a linguist and a director.And each person had his own way to dancing.

In the dancing performance "Substantive discussion", the dancers, along with the audience, discuss what contemporary art is today, if it is possible to understand it and where the edge is or maybe there is generally no contemporary art. You should agree that the issues for discussion are familiar to you.

 Videos are also quite interesting – it’s a series of interviews about art with very different people.  Everybody participates a performance-dialogue, and the end of it is not clear.

Why do you need to watch the performance? Mostly the dancers improvise. And the viewers set the pitch.

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