JUNE 8 / Kiev

JUNE 8 / Kiev

Performance: Ballet of Catamarans

Location: Obolon Quay

Time: 5 PM

Description: When the city dances - classic ballet attributes are unnecessary. Especially when it`s a dance of a group of catamarans! Smooth synchronous movements, plastic expressive figures - dance of catamaran surprisingly similar to the classical choreography!

Inspired by the energy of the city and the water spaces, the festival presents an exclusive event - the Catamaran's Ballet, which will be held on the Obolonskaya Quay in the city of Kiev. Catamaran is a metaphor for an industrial machine that moves due to human energy. What does the viewer aesthetician, created through the combination of living and inanimate energy, and can you truly call this action a dance?

Entrance: FREE



Performance: Travelers.

Time: 4 PM

Company: Peter Kyle Dance (USA)

Location: National Exhibition Centre (VDNG, Pavilion 13, 1, ACADEMICA GLUSHKOVA AVENUE)

Description: Measurements. Texture. Lines. Crossings. Angles. The difference between invoices and colors. What makes our world? From things and feelings. From knowledge and vision. From expectations and reality. From the paths from yourself to yourself. The "Travelers" performance focuses on the interaction of the body and space. Two dancers roam the desert terrain, sometimes rushing on man-made sculptures made of composite paper or mirror mosaic tiles.


This performance is a game with an invoice, because all used materials are different in density, form and color.

Mixing the performing arts and installation, empiricism and plastic, performers conduct a dialogue with the viewer in a universal language. Freedom of the traveler is a knowledge of the language, and the body is the universal language.

Entrance: 150 UAH BUY TICKETS

PERFORMANCE in Mystetskyi Arsenal

Performance: We and the (UN)certain.

Time: 7 PM

Company: Liesel Zink (Australia)

Location: Mystetskiy Arsenal (Lavrska street 10-12)

Description: Drawing inspiration from visual artwork by Ukrainian artist Roman Mikhailov and the history of the Mystetskyi Arsenal site itself, Liesel and Mike will work with 10 Kyiv dancers in the exploration of the theme of transformation; social, environmental and personal. This non-traditional performance site provides an exciting opportunity to create an immersive experience for audiences who watch dancers weave in and out of Mikhailov’s stunning visual installation.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland 

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Entrance: 100 UAH BUY TICKETS