JUNE 8 / Dnipro

JUNE 8 / Dnipro


1. Performance: Orthopadie or to Be.

Company: cie zeitSprung (Switzerland)

Location: Philarmonic Dnipro

Time: 6 PM

Description: Two bodies: one young and athletic, the other older and delicate. What happens when the personalities of two dancers of different generations meet on stage? What does this clash of a very physical and explosive movement language and one that is more quiet and sensitive (maybe even fragile), evoke? 

This piece reflects generation and dance styles but even more it is about the meeting of two people, considers the differences and uniqueness of the individual bodies – and finding a way of making them work together and come together.

The show presented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

2. Performance: Laboratory work #19.

Company: ID project (Ukraine/Belarus)

Location: Philarmonic Dnipro

Description: The work we bring to your attention is the result of the laboratory that was held in Minsk in the summer of 2015. The project's participants, Inna Aslamova and Daniel Belkin, offered participants a series of tasks and tools for the study of the center. Speaking about the "center", we mean several contexts: the center of gravity of our body, the center of a certain movement or space, the center of composition. We managed to discover new qualities of our own movement, subtle ways of communicating with a partner and a group.

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