1. Performance: Last solo K.

Company: Lublin Dance Theatre (Poland)

Location: Dovzhenko - Centre, Stage 6 (Vasylkivska street, 1)

Time: 7 PM

Description: There is today and there is tomorrow, and between them is an abyss. But to understand this man begins only when at a certain moment he turns back, face to face with his former ambitions, opportunities, energetic ...

The body always reminds us of age at some point, especially to dancers. But what, if we look at our age not by documents, but by internal feelings? The main character of the performance Rishard turns back to his first performance and comes into a kind of dialogue with himself 19 years ago. A wonderful combination awaits you: not a parody or copy, but a rethinking of the hero of his physical and emotional being at a time and now. Is this really the latest rethinking?

Ostatnie Solo K Ryszard Kalinowski fot. Piotr Jaruga web

2. Performance: Conciousness (SUB)

Company: n`Era Dance Group (Ukraine)

Description: The laconic and stylish performance of the young n'Era Dance Group is a creative study of the interaction of consciousness and subconsciousness. Do we really know who we are? Do we hear our body, thoughts, desire? Who we are when we meet others, and who we are when we stay with ourselves.

"Consciousness (Sub)" is a collision with oneself, an attempt to dialogue with one's subconscious, understanding and contradiction, secret desires and fears.

IMG 0180 2 2 web

Entrance: 150 - 250 UAH BUY TICKETS

 PERFORMANCE in public spaces

Performance: YELLOW.

Time: 4 PM, 6 PM (twice)

Company: zeitSprung (Switzerland)

Location: Krestshchatik Street, Volodymyrska street

Description: Do not notice the yellow light between the red and the green on the traffic light ... Do not want to see the entire palette in black and white ... Even the clothes to choose mostly black. Familiar So, enough!

We launch "yellow" men in the city! Performance "YELLOW" is an outrage of colors and dances on a regular "zebra" in the city center! This is a release from the rules and stereotypes, freedom of space, movements and emotions!

Can we change from inside to gray everyday life? So! Can we be exposed to bright emotions? Of course! Can we go to the asphalt with the "yellow" men and just think about something nice? Of course! So let's paint Kiev in yellow! Ready! Steady! Go!

Performance presented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Pro Helvetia.

Yellow unknown 5 web

Entrance: FREE


Performance: Travelers.

Time: 6 PM

Company: Peter Kyle Dance (USA)

Location: National Exhibition Centre (VDNG, Pavilion 13, 1, ACADEMICA GLUSHKOVA AVENUE)

Description: Measurements. Texture. Lines. Crossings. Angles. The difference between invoices and colors. What makes our world? From things and feelings. From knowledge and vision. From expectations and reality. From the paths from yourself to yourself. The "Travelers" performance focuses on the interaction of the body and space. Two dancers roam the desert terrain, sometimes rushing on man-made sculptures made of composite paper or mirror mosaic tiles.


This performance is a game with an invoice, because all used materials are different in density, form and color.

Mixing the performing arts and installation, empiricism and plastic, performers conduct a dialogue with the viewer in a universal language. Freedom of the traveler is a knowledge of the language, and the body is the universal language.

Entrance: 150 UAH BUY TICKETS



Performance: HEAT.

Time: 10 PM

Company: Kari Hoaas Dance Production (Norway)

Location: ARt-club CLOSER (Nizhnyoyurkivska street, 31)

Description: "Heat" is not about body temperature, but about what's going on around - motion, energy, drive! This performance is a kind of research, an attempt to divide between themselves the physical and emotional state, understand each of them and turn their energy into dance.

PhotoAnteroHein 08969

Choreographer Kari Haus combines plastic with the music of Norwegian musician DJ Niwin and a quirky light pattern. Thus, she made a score of multi-faceted installation-installation, which in the course of action turns into a rave. This was the main intention of the author - so that "Spka" became a mix of social and stage dance, eroded the boundaries between genres and left a place for improvisation.

Entrance: 150 UAH BUY TICKETS