1. Performance: Hecate (Artil project / Ukraine)

Location: Dovzhenko - Centre, Stage 6 (Vasylkivska street, 1)

Time: 7 PM

Description: Mystical, almost silent performance about the female nature, its power and magic, about the basic "purely female" and the secret devilish, murderous and life-giving. What is hidden behind this gentle brittle shell, what are the fears and secrets? .. Three girls - three elements. The night, "the city is asleep," as they say in a well-known game. Under the shamanic motives and the loud uneven breathing, all the secret ghostly desires and horrors crawl outside, all that is sometimes better not to see.

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2. Performance: LOOK

Company: Tremors Dance Company (Bielorus Republic)

Description: Comprehensive darkness. Panic Attacks. Nervous movements. Exit searches.

Partially or completely deprived of vision, the performers are trying to find some kind of light source, to find each other, the way out. When you lose sight, you start to hear all over the body, feel the skin, look at the touch.

Look! Look even when it seems impossible. Look at the darkness, even if there is nothing behind it. Look deep into yourself when you are looking for a light source.
Only when you lose sight, you begin to see.

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3. Performance: A Person - Portrait (Artil project / Ukraine)

Description: Although the portrait is similar to a person, however, only the feelings and emotions that the artist sees can be depicted on the canvas, or only those features that are liked to bear are highlighted. And what about this cover really? Sometimes even the carrier forgets about it. What kind of feelings people hide, to save them from enemies, and what - to not look foolish? Will anyone see the true nature of the image? The answer is in this performance.

Entrance: 150 - 250 UAH BUY TICKETS

 PERFORMANCE in public spaces

Performance: YELLOW.

Time: 4 PM, 6 PM (twice)

Company: zeitSprung (Switzerland)

Location: Krestshchatik Street, Volodymyrska street

Description: Do not notice the yellow light between the red and the green on the traffic light ... Do not want to see the entire palette in black and white ... Even the clothes to choose mostly black. Familiar So, enough!

We launch "yellow" men in the city! Performance "YELLOW" is an outrage of colors and dances on a regular "zebra" in the city center! This is a release from the rules and stereotypes, freedom of space, movements and emotions!

Can we change from inside to gray everyday life? So! Can we be exposed to bright emotions? Of course! Can we go to the asphalt with the "yellow" men and just think about something nice? Of course! So let's paint Kiev in yellow! Ready! Steady! Go!

Performance presented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Pro Helvetia.

Entrance: FREE


Performance: Somnium.

Time: 6 PM, 8 PM (twice)

Company: Pop Fabric (Netherlands)

Location: National Exhibition Centre (VDNG, Pavilion 13, 1, ACADEMICA GLUSHKOVA AVENUE)

somnium13 web

Description: After several decades, we will probably be able to easily immerse ourselves in someone's subconscious and wander through it. But now we can only dream of it. Inspired by science fiction films and works by Murakami and Borges, the team of artists tried to reach the scale of the subconscious in a new, distinct language. Music, sound collages, light projections and contemporary dance will help viewers imagine what it can be.


Once inside the sphere, immersed in the world of electronic sound collages and video projections, at some point you will realize that this eclecticism is our subconscious. But are you really ready to meet her?

Entrance: 150 UAH BUY TICKETS