On 19th and 20th of March in Kiev in Totem Art Space there will be held four master-classes of Polish choreographers - members of the Polish Dance Platform.
Four participants from different cities of the Republic of Poland will present the diametrically opposed approaches to contemporary dance and creating dance performances. The methods they choose to work with choreographic movement in the classroom, just as different as different performances that they bring to Kiev. Most likely you will have much more questions than answers after having taken part in the four meetings with Polish artists. But...
Questions is what makes choreographer to explore again and again his own body language. So familiar, but still completely unexplored media. And each time finding in it something new. 
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To ask questions on participation in classes or watch performances of the Platform, please call: (067) 4012410

19th of March, 10:00 - 12:00
Aurora Lubos
Aurora Lubos Akty small1
"I believe that art can make a big change, that it can make people stop and think. That not the aesthetic value is the driving force for performing but the content. In my own practice as well as in workshops I put attention on providing a structure, a frame to play with ideas. I will set a space with games and tasks stimulating towards in-depth approach to the devising process. Together we will try to find a movement, sound, text or dramatic respond to given subjects. The workshop invites everyone to participate in experiment - open for creativity as well as for failure."
19th of MARCH, 12:30 - 14:30
Maciej  Kuźmiński

"Drawing on his wide educational and choreographic experience Maciej delivers a fun and challenging Floor Work class. A vocabulary of complementary movements is systematically introduced which, along with appropriate technique, allows the body to use the floor with greater efficiency and speed. Elements such as turning, diving and travelling provide a core of a coherent style. Extensive repetition of sequences, which make use of left, right and reverse sides, leads to mastery, and ultimately allows the participant to move with agility and dynamic impact through the floor."

Maciej’s class is for anyone who wants to become a mad floor animal.

very short pedagogic bio:

Kuźmiński teaches at the Bytom’s Dance Theatre Departament of the National Theatre Academy in Cracow, as well as at the Institute for Artistic Dance in Belgrade. His previous teaching include work for the Polish Dance Theatre, Trinity Laban Student Union and Shoreditch Youth Dance (London), Tanec Praha (Prague), Tanzfabrik Berlin, Dance Identity (Austria), Revontuli-Opisto (Finland), Dancing Poznań festival (Poland).




20th of March,      10:00 - 12:00

Janusz Orlik

Janusz Orlik

During the class Janusz is making the participants aware of using the breath, staying grounded as well as an eye contact while working with a partner. His approach is to challenge and allow each participant to explore their own way of moving using their own creativity and ideas.

We might do some singing, some dancing and some fooling around. And if we want to tell some jokes, we can do that too.

It is not about the precision but a mutual communication.


20th of MARCH,       12:30 - 14:30

Hygin Delimat

Hyigin Delimat ForLivingIn small1

 "I would like to teach a technical class. It would be an "urban/contemporary: in a /direction of 3-dimentional moving" for intermediate/advanced level dancers."