Антон Овчинников

Антон Овчинников

Contemporary dance workshops in October (Kyiv)

October in Kiev will be filled with educational projects in the field of contemporary dance. There are four teachers who will give the lessons for the fans of Contemporary dance in the studios of the city.

Their names are well known to amateurs and professionals of contemporary dance - all of them had repeatedly been in Ukraine and their lessons are continued popularity and success. Zelyonka-Fest pleased to confirm the high professional level of the teachers and their classes are recommened to visit for anyone interested in their own development.

Anna Ozerskaya, Alexander Andriyashkin, Toma Nuevo and Anastacia Lubchenko - four lecturers who gathered together could raise the level of any of the festival to the professionality and each of them have something really special to share with colleagues. Different style, approach to learning and performing art. Different price classes - for every taste and budget.

Choose and learn!


Anna Ozerskaya - Contemporary dance. Technique and repertoire.

When: October 18-19

Duration: 4 academic hours

Where: Dance school Totem

Cost: 30 euros (full course)

Alexander Andriyashkin - Contemporary dance (technique)

When: October 11-12

Duration: 6 hours

Where: Dance Theatre Modus Nick

cost: 300 USD (full course)

Tom Nuevo - Inspired GaGa. Toolbox

When: October 6-9

Duration: 8 hours

Where: Dance school Totem

Cost: 150 euros (full course)

Anastasia Lubchenco - physical theatre workshop

When: October 29-30

Where: School of Dance Totem

cost: 40 euro (full course)

We wish you all a fruitful lessons, inspiration, new knowledge and experiences.

We welcome you to Zelyonka fest 1.5!

Contemporary dance night at the Gogolfest

On September 14 in the framework of Gogolfest has been showed the works by two Ukrainian choreographers of contemporary dance: Ruslan Baranov showed  the work "Divine dance" and Christina Shishkaryova "Tolerance".

"Tolerance" was created as part of the Laboratory for young choreographers "Creative Pro", which was organized in the Totem dance school. Lecturers of the laboratories were taught by several Ukrainian teachers and one from Lithuania: Biruta Banevechuta taught two classes of "Modern dance for an audience of children." In the laboratory took part the dancers from different cities of Ukraine. During the laboratory classes has been created the project "Tolerance". The main topic of the performance is relationship of the individual and society. Despite the fact that this theme was embodied in many ways since the beginning of the 20th centuryby, Christina Shishkaryova has accented the viewer's attention on finding the boundaries between tolerance and indifference. On the model of the future society she was trying to find an answer to the question "Would not the most tolerant society spiritually dead?"

Ruslan Baranov`s performance was shown a second time (the first show was held in July 2014). Compared with the first showing of it had made ​​significant changes. The main and favorite way of dance in Ruslan`s pieces is improvisation - so there was nothing surprising in the fact that he made completely new performance. At this time performance was not oversaturated contact improvisation tricks and supports. The dancers were accurately and carefully searching for their own language of expression in the solo parts of performance, and an interesting play of light and work with the dynamics and the slowdown gave the audience an opportunity to find new colors and possibilities in contemporary improvisation.

Pleasant end of the evening was a discussion with the audience viewed the work. As usual it had a lot of interesting suggestions about the theme "What I saw in the play of dancers."

Aerowaves. Show your dance to Europe.

First Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival was held in 2011, and in 2015 will be the fifth one and it will be held in Barcelona. Every year this festival is changing place of residence by joining one of the famous festivals in Europe with a long history. The first was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia), under the patronage of the well-known organization EN-KNAP, established in 1993 choreographer Iztok Kovač. The first festival was attended by 80 artists and 127 guests - so the project was launched Aerowaves Spring Forward. 

Дальше были фестивали в Bassano del Grappa (Operaestate Festival Veneto), третий был совместным с Zurich Tanzt (Германия), четвертый прошел в Umea (Швеция). На встрече в Люблине (Польша), которая предшествовала четвертому фестивалю, 400 участников приняли решение сделать фестиваль ежегодным.

Для того, чтобы принять участие в следующем фестивале в апреле 2015 года, необходимо успеть подать заявку на сайте Aerowaves - срок подачи заявок на участие в Aerowaves заканчивается 15 сентября. Форма заявки есть здесь. Условия участия довольно просты: длительность работы от 15 до 40 минут, не слишком сложная сценография (за один вечер на одной площадке фестиваль показывает три работы - tripple bill), и географическая принадлежность участников к Европе. Ну и, конечно, работа должна соотноситься с понятием "contemporary dance" - вероятно, именно это является самым сложным для возможных участников из Украины.

В заявку может быть включено до 10 человек (танцоры плюс технический персонал). Фестиваль оплачивает все расходы участникам, работы которых отобраны для показа на фестивале.

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