Welcome to all who always in love with contemporary dance to a new page of Zelyonka Fest web site.

On this page we will publish interviews and reports about yet not very well known, but very talented contemporary dance choreographers in Ukraine.   Still it's too much individuals in our list. These are not the people you see regularly in TV shows or in the beautiful videos on the Internet. It's also not a stars of video clips and commercial workshops, who love to sign autographs and do "selfie" in a dance class mirrors. We do not want to say that among the "stars"  there are no interesting personalities. Of course, they are.

kollaj konkurs small1

But our goal is a little different from the glossy magazines goals and it follows directly from the main goal of the festival Zelyonka Fest - popularization and promotion Contemporary dance in Ukraine. And we want to draw your attention to those people whose face has not yet very well known, but whose choreographic works inspire great hope for the future of contemporary dance in Ukraine.

And if we still has not noticed someone - write to us. Invite them to take part in our festival – it was created for that.

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