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When you publish any photos from the festival you should include to the publication the following information:
Festival of contemporary dance theater Zelyonka-Fest1.4
Photographer: Alexander Dolovov
Author and name of work, which is represented on the photo (for information please contact Marina Kovrigina)

In publication of Candoco Dance Company photos  the following information must be given:

Candoco Dance Company

"Two for C"
Choreography & Design: Javier de Frutos 
Technician: Andrej Gubanov 
Costume realisation: Dancers Kostas Papamatthaiakis and Rick Rodgers
photographer Alexander Dolovov
ZELYONKA-FEST Contemporary Dance Festival"

Contacts for additional information

Marina Kovrigina

tel: 067 219 08 66

International Festival of Contemporary Dance Theatre


From 16 to 19 April 2015 Zelyonka Fest - V International Festival of Contemporary Dance Theatre will be held in Kyiv .

V International Festival of Contemporary Dance Theatre (Zelyonka Fest 1.5) will be held in Kyiv from 16 to 19 April 2015.This year the main venues of the festival will be the small and big stages of the Bravo theatre (79 Olesya Gonchara Str).

For five years Zelyonka Fest has grown from internal event of Ukrainian professionals to full International Festival. For the second year in a row European famous groups come to the festival. Ukrainian participants of the previous festivals are invited to different international events. "One of the most important objective of the festival is to make Ukraine a part of the International Dance community. Of course, with its own individuality. It’s absolutely necessary for a progressive development of contemporary dance in Ukraine. We are succeeding in it. For instance, for the second year in a row we attract famous foreign choreographers to create performances with Ukrainian dancers, - Anton Ovchinnikov, festival author and co-organizer, says. ‑ Thanks to our international partners, for the first time Ukraine was introduced on the biggest European fair of contemporary dance Tanzmesse NRW in Dusseldorf, Germany ".

The program of performances of Zelyonka Fest 1.5 is going to be saturated. The Festival will be opened by a new performance of Kyiv choreographer Christina Shishkareva “Sacred spring” with music by Igor Stravinski.  In the second part there will be a performance with the participation of Ukrainian dancers, under Da Soul Chung, Korean choreographer who work in Germany with different Dance Companies

The second day is represented by Lithuanian and Ukrainian projects. Arts Printing House (Lithuania) will come with the ironic work about the nature of contemporary dance named "Contemporary?" Ukrainian project M.O.S.T. dance project will perform «The One who whispers”and offer the viewers to think about opportunities a man has received or lost with the ability to speak. The authors of the performance are Ukrainian choreographers, performers and dancers  Anton Ovchinnikov (Zelyonka Fest co-organizer) and Anton Safonov.

On Saturday Zelyonka Fest will offer a double portion of contemporary dance of Ukrainian origin. In the afternoon (at 14:00) there will be presentation of performances created for the program “Position 2015” under direction of Viktor Ruban. The second part (at 19:00) is devoted to the best works of Ukrainian choreographers: Irina Plotnikova, Buchok Art Family, Yulia Danilenko, Anton Safonov, Ruslan Baranov.

The guests from Poland and Belarus will perform at the end of the festival. Lublin Dance Theatre - one of the oldest and most popular contemporary dance theatre in Poland will come with the play "The stories we did not tell anyone." Belarusians of SKVO’S dance company with their dance performance “Subject Talk” promise to turn the viewers into participators of the play.

Traditionally, in addition to performances of contemporary dance in Zelenka Fest program a competition for young choreographers, master classes of team leaders,  and members of the jury will be held.A series of lectures of foreign experts will be held in the program. In particular, Laurent Van Kote, an international consultant of French Ministry of Culture will tell about the development of contemporary dance and  dance community in France.Polish experts Grzegorz Kondrasyuk from the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska and Ryszard Kalinowski of Lublin Dance Theatre will give a lecture on “Contemporary dance in Poland – inside look”.  At the end of the festival European critics and Ukrainian choreographers will gather to discuss the search for the own path of development of Ukrainian contemporary dance.

The audience of the festival is changing and growing. At first there were some hundreds of dancers and choreographers and more than two thousand of viewers in 2014. This year organizers are also expecting a full house at all performances - tickets went on sale just two days ago, and almost 15% of their total number have already sold. "Our audience is constantly growing and becoming more diverse. This is a very important indicator for both Ukrainian society and the festival. The ability to perceive contemporary art is an indicator of the level of social development. This suggests that we are not becoming numb in our beliefs and attitudes, and are able to hear and see the world in a variety of its forms and styles, ask questions to ourselves and others," says Elena Lobova, Zelenka Festus 1.5 co-organizer.

Tickets are now on sale via the website: or Theater ticket office Karabas.

Winter showcase in Kev

On 26 and 27 of January the stage Kurbasa Centre will belong to dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance from all over Ukraine.

Barely having time to take a breath from the long-standing New Year holidays, 20 dancers selected through preliminary applications begins to work on the creating of two performances in RIZOMA art residence RIZOMA of Anatoly Zalevskiy. Under the leadership of the Korean choreographer DA SOUL CHUNG and Ukrainian choreographers of MOST dance project Anton Ovchinnikov and Anton Safonov will be prepared two performances.

The theme of the work of the Korean choreographer will be the people memory of the scents. The piece observes the transformation and reconstitution of memory when it - a private memory - shared in public and when past sits on presents. Past and present conflict or they might merge into one.

The working title of Ukrainian choreographers` piece is "Anyone who whispers ...". In this performance the language will be explored as an important cultural component of mankind. What happened to the man when he learned to speak? What is more important  in human communication: speaking or maybe the body language is enough to get in touch with each other? Is the language the earnest thing that distinguishes man from animal? Where is the distinction between "human" and "animal instincts"?

Both works will be presented as "work in progress" on 26 and 27 of January at the Center for Contemporary Performing Arts named Kurbas at Vladimirskaya street, 23b at 19:00.

Tickets can be ordered by phone 067-401-24-10 or by filling out the form:

Ticket price - 100 hryvnia. Number of tickets - a total of 70 pieces, so it makes sense to hurry up)

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