Антон Овчинников

Антон Овчинников

Maida Withers will create performance with Ukrainian dancers

Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform and Black O!Range production announce an open call for participation in the site-specific performance "60 Moves, with the future gaze". The performance will be shown on July 6 as part of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG).

The idea of ​​creating this performance was announced by artistic director of Black O!Range Dance Production Anton Ovchinnikov in 2016. Anton proposed creating a cycle of site-specific performances called "Revitalizing the Past - Creating the Future". In accordance with the idea, it was proposed to create street performances, with the background of the Stalinist architecture of the city of Kiev, which has the artistic and historical value. In the first performance of the cycle we set the task of investigating the relationship between architecture and the body in order to understand how architecture can influence a person, its identity and patterns of behavior.

Most Ukrainians still live in the midst of Soviet architecture, which was built in the days of Stalin and Khrushchev. It is well known that any architecture is the embodiment and reflection of the dominant ideology and policy of the state. Houses in the era of Stalin were to inspire respect for the state system, express confidence, optimism, faith in the victory of the Soviet system and way of life.

What do we feel today, being surrounded by the ideology of the past, embodied in architecture? And who are WE - people who happened to live in times of dramatical changes and still have to look for themselves, raking the ruins of the past for the future.

The Ukrainian-American creative team will work on the performance: choreographers Maida Withers (USA) and Anton Ovchinnikov (Ukraine), composer / musician Steven Hilmy (USA). The rehearsal period of work on the project is June 25 - July 5. To participate in the project, dancers / performers / actors (men or women) are invited without age restriction. To apply for participation in the project it is necessary to fill in the questionnaire: HERE

KNOTS connect Ukraine and Iceland

From 13 to 27th of September a group of Ukrainian artists worked in the cultural center of the Icelandic city of Egilsstadir to create a performative project "KNOTS." The project itself was conceived as a study of social communication in local communities and initiated by the artistic agency Black Orange dance productions. The project was produced by the school Austurland (Iceland), led by Ukrainian dancer and choreographer Alona Perepelytsia.

Ukrainian and American choreographers launched new project.

American choreographer Peter Kyle and Ukrainian choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov have launched DANCING THROUGH TRANSLATION, a yearlong research and performance project exploring contemporary dance as a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange. The collaboration is part of a larger celebration of 25 years of bilateral relations between the United States of America and Ukraine.Project will be supported by the Small Grants public program of the Embassy of the USA.

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