Edinburgh Showcase: Looking back

Having studied contemporary dance for many years, I’m convinced that critical thinking, experience in creating dance performances or knowledge of the history of dance in 20-21 century are not enough for the analysis of contemporary dance. The spectator’s perception of this genre of art is highly subjective – just as the reviews from critics or dance industry professionals are.


Winter showcase in Kev

On 26 and 27 of January the stage Kurbasa Centre will belong to dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance from all over Ukraine.

Barely having time to take a breath from the long-standing New Year holidays, 20 dancers selected through preliminary applications begins to work on the creating of two performances in RIZOMA art residence RIZOMA of Anatoly Zalevskiy. Under the leadership of the Korean choreographer DA SOUL CHUNG and Ukrainian choreographers of MOST dance project Anton Ovchinnikov and Anton Safonov will be prepared two performances.

The theme of the work of the Korean choreographer will be the people memory of the scents. The piece observes the transformation and reconstitution of memory when it - a private memory - shared in public and when past sits on presents. Past and present conflict or they might merge into one.

The working title of Ukrainian choreographers` piece is "Anyone who whispers ...". In this performance the language will be explored as an important cultural component of mankind. What happened to the man when he learned to speak? What is more important  in human communication: speaking or maybe the body language is enough to get in touch with each other? Is the language the earnest thing that distinguishes man from animal? Where is the distinction between "human" and "animal instincts"?

Both works will be presented as "work in progress" on 26 and 27 of January at the Center for Contemporary Performing Arts named Kurbas at Vladimirskaya street, 23b at 19:00.

Tickets can be ordered by phone 067-401-24-10 or by filling out the form:

Ticket price - 100 hryvnia. Number of tickets - a total of 70 pieces, so it makes sense to hurry up)

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