Contemporary dance workshops in October (Kyiv)

October in Kiev will be filled with educational projects in the field of contemporary dance. There are four teachers who will give the lessons for the fans of Contemporary dance in the studios of the city.

Their names are well known to amateurs and professionals of contemporary dance - all of them had repeatedly been in Ukraine and their lessons are continued popularity and success. Zelyonka-Fest pleased to confirm the high professional level of the teachers and their classes are recommened to visit for anyone interested in their own development.

Anna Ozerskaya, Alexander Andriyashkin, Toma Nuevo and Anastacia Lubchenko - four lecturers who gathered together could raise the level of any of the festival to the professionality and each of them have something really special to share with colleagues. Different style, approach to learning and performing art. Different price classes - for every taste and budget.

Choose and learn!


Anna Ozerskaya - Contemporary dance. Technique and repertoire.

When: October 18-19

Duration: 4 academic hours

Where: Dance school Totem

Cost: 30 euros (full course)

Alexander Andriyashkin - Contemporary dance (technique)

When: October 11-12

Duration: 6 hours

Where: Dance Theatre Modus Nick

cost: 300 USD (full course)

Tom Nuevo - Inspired GaGa. Toolbox

When: October 6-9

Duration: 8 hours

Where: Dance school Totem

Cost: 150 euros (full course)

Anastasia Lubchenco - physical theatre workshop

When: October 29-30

Where: School of Dance Totem

cost: 40 euro (full course)

We wish you all a fruitful lessons, inspiration, new knowledge and experiences.

We welcome you to Zelyonka fest 1.5!

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