DanceAct Festival in Kharkiv city

The words "Kharkiv" and "Contemporary Dance" more and more often stay close to the top of the news feed devoted to the Ukrainian dance events. The whole range of independent dance projects is going to come into view of Kharkiv spectators.

All the projects will become the showcase on contemporary dance arts that up to now have been in the absolute underground in our long-suffering country. In the sense that all cultural authorities are succeeding in ignoring and doing their best to make it clear that contemporary dance is considered to be vapid for modern young generation in Ukraine.

In March, 12 – 13, the Festival of Dance Theater “Dance Act Festival” will be held on the stage of the Kharkiv Actor’s House and Dance Platform “Immersion in movement” for a second time. The Organizer of the Festival is Yuliia Danilenko, she is the manager of the Dance Theater “Theater Laboratory”. Yuliia has brought her performances to Kiyiv many times presenting her works as part of Zelyonka Fest and Gogolfest. Yuliia originally organized her Fest in Kharkiv in 2015, but already in 2016 her Fest became international thanks to the support of the Lithuanian Culture Centre "Arts Printing House". 


Like many other similar projects in Ukraine, the festival in Kharkiv is not supported by any of the official organizations that should be interested in holding of such events. “As early as 2 months ago I thought I would drop the festival this year. Everything is very difficult, I'm totally exhausted, there is little time left, the time is not the best… but suddenly we got a positive feedback from Lithuania at the end of January as to the possibility to visit us." - Yuliia Danilenko comments her decision on holding the festival. - The Lithuanians will bring three performances for different ages. It can be a pretty good push to continue what was begun last year. And besides the Lithuanians, choreographers from the different cities of Ukraine will bring the most various works. And for the present moment I'm wondering what I can do else to spread the event info among more and more interested people. It’s easy to meet Dance and Theater together in reality during 2 days and a half in our city.”


The Fest in Kharkiv will present the performances "Contemporary?" and "ID: D&G" Arts Printing House” as well as the performance  “Puzzle” by Dance Theater Dansema for children at age 0 through 3.

We would like to give many thanks to our friends from Lithuania who have supported the Ukrainian Contemporary Dance for three years already. We have had friendly connections since 2014 when the Director of Arts Printing House, AudronisImbrasas, visited the Fest Zelyonka. This year two Ukrainian choreographers were invited to take part in info-tour to Lithuania in order to make familiar to the structure of Contemporary Dance in this Baltic country as well as to establish creative partnership with the Lithuanian choreographers.


Two works of the Lithuanian guests will be presented as a part of Zelyonka Fest this April and at the end of the summer the Ukrainian capital will host the Lithuanian Dance Theatre AURA.

Let’s meet Contemporary Dance in Kharkiv.

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