PUSHOK - dance improvisation festival in Kiev

PushOk Festival of Dance Improvisations – the only dance improvisation festival in Ukraine – will take place in Kyiv on the 20-22nd of November in the Les Kurbas National Center for Theatre Arts.

The festival will be preceded by workshops from Ezster Gal, a world-known contact improvisation teacher from Hungary.

The workshops will be held on the 16-19th of November.

What’s so specific and valuable about the festival?

- Attention and appreciation towards every participant; no evaluation or comparison.

- Unfortunately, there’re no similar festivals neither in Ukraine, nor in the neighboring countries.

- The program of the festival, various classes and tasks are organized in such a way as to give the participants maximum freedom of dance, to offer them as many useful instruments as possible, to uncover everyone’s creative potential.

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PushOk is a research platform for those fond of dance improvisation. It’s an opportunity to grow, to deepen one’s expertise in this art in the circle of people who share your passion, while enjoying the festive atmosphere at the same time.

Ruslan Baranov and Marina Baranova, the organizers of the festival: “PushOk is a perfect occasion to create dance masterpieces that are born “on the spot”.

The festival is created as a meeting place for amateurs, people interested in dance improvisation, and those who improvise professionally.

The organizers rent a wonderful hall with professional theatre stage lighting.

In the very first festival in 2014, PushOk established an exchange program with contemporary dance festivals in Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Spain. 10 participants of the first PushOk Festival took part in some famous contemporary dance festivals abroad for free.

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Good improvisation is the summit of any art. It requires complete mastery of one’s body, mind and speech. Obviously, not everyone is ready and able to improvise. However, many wonderful dancers are skilled at and fond of improvisation. They crave for freedom of self-expression in dance and have a huge inner and external potential. Sadly, they don’t have an opportunity or facilities necessary to realize this potential. And this is where “PushOk” can help, since this is the aim it was created for.

To take part in PushOk Festival, please follow the link to fill in the form.

Contact details: +38 093 472 12 58

translation: Daria Voronina

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