The Knight’s Move, or How to Provoke Action

The performance "L-shaped" was presented on 24th of September, 2015 at Gogolfest Festival, by the students of Kyiv National Culture and Arts University and choreographed by Anton Ovchinnikov.

Below are some remarks on the performance and its premiere from its author.


It is important for us to present the work of students from the university, so they have the opportunity to perform, demonstrate their skills and show the public what they have learnt in their studies. The University provides an excellent foundation for the students to learn.  

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In L-shaped we wanted to reconsider the space of performer-spectator interaction, which is traditionally divided into acting and seating space. We took as a foundation the idea of all people– both on stage and in the seating area– creating a common performance space. We merged the playing and the seating space and thus give the performance space a new meaning.


We thought it would be interesting to enable the audience to become the centre of action, a “leading character”, so to speak. We looked for a way to give such opportunity to every spectator.

Today, selfie is a popular photo trend for a whole generation. In some respect, this is a contemporary way of self-observation. The goal of our performance is connected with this trend. Our aim was to give the audience a chance to notice and reflect on their own contribution to the creation of performance. Here we understand the audience as a temporal community of people united by a common process of (self) observation.


The performance features a lot of improvisation and interaction with spectators, and thus we expect the action may take different directions.  At the same time, the action we chose as an object of manipulation is a very simple, often routine one. And only once in a while it becomes a dance.

Anton Ovchinnikov, the choreographer of the performance: “To me, this situation resembles the L-shaped knight’s move in the game of chess. The principle of the knight’s movement is clear, but it is impossible to tell which square it will occupy the next time”.


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