Maida Withers will create performance with Ukrainian dancers

Maida Withers will create performance…

Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform and Black O!Range production announce an o...

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KNOTS connect Ukraine and Iceland

KNOTS connect Ukraine and Iceland

From 13 to 27th of September a group of Ukrainian artists worked in the cultural...

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Ukrainian and American choreographers launched new project.

Ukrainian and American choreographers launched…

American choreographer Peter Kyle and Ukrainian choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov ...

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The impossibility of not being contemporary.

The impossibility of not being…

For three days the stage of the Young theatre had been providing the possibility...

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Zelyonka Fest 2015

Organizers of the festival welcomes all amateur and professional of contemporary dance at the website of the ZELYONKA FEST international festival of contemporary dance theater.

ZELYONKA-FEST 1.5 will be held from 16 to 19 April 2015 at the venue of Kiev Theatre "Bravo".

The festival program in 2015 will include:

- Ukrainian Platform for Contemporary Dance

- The performances of festival guests from neighboring countries and Western Europe;

- Competition for young choreographers of contemporary dance;

- Lectures and discussions about contemporary dance with European and Ukrainian dance critics, managers and directors of dance companies and dance festivals from European countries;

- Master classes and workshops in technique and composition of contemporary dance from the guests of the festival;



The programm of the last year Festival 2014.

афиша английская

We thanked ORGANIZERS and PARTNERS, as well as the spectators and participants for the fact that, despite the unstable political and economical situation in the beloved Ukraine, we were able to meet and comminicate with each other. 

Follow the NEWS of the Festival!

See you at Zelyonka Fest 1.5!


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