Maida Withers will create performance with Ukrainian dancers

Maida Withers will create performance…

Ukrainian Contemporary Dance Platform and Black O!Range production announce an o...

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KNOTS connect Ukraine and Iceland

KNOTS connect Ukraine and Iceland

From 13 to 27th of September a group of Ukrainian artists worked in the cultural...

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Ukrainian and American choreographers launched new project.

Ukrainian and American choreographers launched…

American choreographer Peter Kyle and Ukrainian choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov ...

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The impossibility of not being contemporary.

The impossibility of not being…

For three days the stage of the Young theatre had been providing the possibility...

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Ukrainian Choreographers showcase 2016


The Festival is well known to spectators due to the fact that it presents dance performances of European dance companies to Ukrainian audience, giving the opportunity to form the opinion how the European dance theater is being developed. But, beginning form the previous Festival, we tried to place an emphasis from the guest performance shows to the presentation of unconventional and creative works of Ukrainian modern dance choreographers. We do believe that the very tries should be generously repaid by a surge of interest in dance both among the Ukrainian spectators and among choreographers.

The following performers have already confirmed the participation in the Ukrainian showcase program within Zelyonka Fest 2016 that will take place April, 23 – 24, 2016:

  1. Performance “Game Zone”, concept idea and choreography by Anton Safonov

game zone 2016

The performance where the idea of choice illusion shows up in every movement and at the end it brings a spectator to an unexpected outcome. In light of Contemporary Dance it isossible to have a look at the important issues from another viewpoint.

We created a game where a spectators not only enjoy the play, the moves and the idea, but also can affect its end.

The games that are supposed to be tasks for its participants are getting more and more complicated with every minute, become saturated, draining all strength of the players and making them show an effort to reach the final.

2. Performance “Special moment”, choreography by Anastasiia Rembetska and Olena Vertegel

rembetskaya moment

“What does this “special moment” mean in the lifetime of every person? The very question was asked by the creators of the dance performance named “Special moment”, whose premiere was set for December 2015. For both participants of the performance a special moment is in every minute of their lives, but taking into account that a great number of people are constantly looking and waiting for something, without taking a guess how near it can be in the reality, the idea appeared to present it to a spectator and make him think what a “special moment” in the lifetime of every person means. The Performance “Special moment” consists of three acts that are combined by the same idea. The idea is to make a spectator think over the phrase “special moment” after watching the performance. What does it mean for each of us? Why do we wait for a special moment? Does it exist in general? And what gets in the way to see it? The peculiarity is that every act is completely different from each other, holding spectators’ attention at the kaleidoscope of images, but at the same time keeping to the essence during the work. The performance “Special moment” is rated 12+.

3. Performance “Femminile”, choreography Tamara Maksimenko


Performance “Femminile” (trans. from it “feminine gender” of the dance – theater Motion Mode in the association with the dance company High Dance Company (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) was created in November 2015. The main idea of the performance is to present some stories of the modern times by the language of dance improvisation. The major object of investigation is woman. Unfortunately, at all times “the weaker sex” has been exposed to violence and suppression. We see that in the reality woman is far from “the weaker sex”, she is strong. The way what woman suffers, how the feminine nature can forgive, be happy and love, is admirable. Men always fight, but women don’t. Our country is at war, in our land, as nowhere else, I can see a strong and wise woman. Performance “Femminile” is not a feminine objection against the society, but it appeals to everybody to consider what is happening around us. Love is always above any war, love is what stays with us always, love is what saves and inspires us, and love is of feminine gender. 

4. Performance “Syndrome of the zygote lost” (fragment), choreography by Christyna Shishkareva

The Performance is inspired by the book of Clarissa Pinkola Estes “Women who run with the wolves”. The Performance is not an illustration of the book and doesn’t have a descriptive character, but only the reflection of a woman, mirrored in the souls and real stories of the dancers. There is much truth and facts that are fancifully interwoven with myths and the other reality, where the mystery has a body, where excessive desires become beautiful accessory, where wild selves warm themselves at the fire and where it is possible to get the soul together bone by bone.

5. Performance “How much do I cost?”, choreography by Yulia Grishina

There are figures everywhere. Birth date, number of the house where we dwell in, the school, the bus we take every day on our way to work, salary amount, US dollar rate and so on. But is everything in our lives measured with figures?

6. Performance “Save safe” (solo), choreography by Viacheslav Buchok

Save Safe BAF 2

The Work is concentrated at the investigation of the issues with regards to safety and how it can be saved. Applying to the safety measures, how strong we restrict our freedom of actions and how far it is justified. Do additional safety facilities protect in reality or are they considered to be only the illusion? How does speed, height, dynamics affect on our body in space and is a body is able to manage with them. Can non-compliance with safety rules be salvation at a given time? To what extent our bodies are self-sufficient to provide ourselves with safety without additional measures.


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